Our Mission

The guiding principle of Creative Avenue is to apply high quality design and innovate technical solutions to everyday problems to help make information easier to access and use. We aim to bring quality design to our customers at affordable rates, while allowing them to serve and interact with their customers in new and exciting ways that ultimately increase the business's success and the customer's happiness.

Our History

Creative Avenue was founded in January 2012 to tackle the print and digital design needs of southern Indiana. We saw a need to try to bring a modern, cutting edge sense of design to our home. We are located roughly half way between Indianapolis and Louisville, providing us a great location to serve the areas in between the two major metropolitan areas.

Creative Avenue served many web and print clients in 2012 before deciding to add iOS App development to our stable of services. We focused on releasing our first apps in the fall of 2012, sports apps for local high schools.

We continued developing apps and providing web & print solutions to our customers through 2013. We expanded our apps to be more advanced and inclusive, expanding out to more schools in the fall of 2013. We also released our first iPad native apps. During the later half of 2013, Creative Avenue also announced that we are planning on releasing Android apps in 2014.

In 2014, Creative Avenue looks forward to continuing to work with our great customers and to continue releasing great apps. We have several large scale web projects we can't wait to announce, and a few major app updates in the works. It's going to be an exciting year!

SHS Sports 2.0

SHS Sports 2.0 covers all of the athletics at Seymour High School. With an all new home screen and improved navigation, the entire interface is designed to offer a complete experience for the entire athletics program.

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